New Unbounce Apps in Smart Builder to Create Powerful Landing Pages

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Unbounce is excited to announce the launch of Unbounce Apps!

In today’s digital world, small business owners have limited time and expertise to run efficient digital marketing campaigns. According to several online data, 47 per cent of small business owners run their marketing efforts themselves.

As a result of limited skills, lack of developer resources, broken workflows and other technical issues, business owners are unable to keep up with the competition.

Unbounce is bringing a collection of best-in-class apps to Smart Builder to give you an edge over your competitors. Unbounce Apps are built-in no-code features to extend the functionality and value of Smart Builder landing pages.

This is just another way Unbounce is expanding its offerings beyond landing pages — helping you create campaigns in half the time, save on resources, and increase conversions by up to 30 per cent.

New Unbounce Apps to Create Powerful Landing Pages in Smart Builder

What are Unbounce Apps?

Unbounce Apps are built-in no-code tools that offer a variety of features and functionalities within the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform that you can easily add to your Smart Builder landing pages.

Unbounce Apps include a wide selection of new apps to help you grow your marketing results and help you connect with the tools you already know and love.

Unbounce apps will transform your Unbounce experience while making the launch and growth of your marketing campaigns more efficient. They are categorized as media apps, conversion optimization apps, reporting apps, and utility apps.

How to connect to an Unbounce App

You must be working in Smart Builder to connect to an Unbounce App. To locate Unbounce Apps, create a new page with Smart Builder. You can also use an existing page you’ve set up with Smart Builder.

Navigate to the Apps tab. Scroll down to select your preferred app and click on the plus button next to the app to install it. Now is the time to easily build and optimize your landing pages by adding different Unbounce Apps to your landing page, whatever your business needs are.

Here are some of the first Unbounce apps introduced to Smart Builder landing pages based on different categories.

How to connect to an Unbounce App

a). Media Apps

i). Unsplash app

With Smart Builder apps, you can easily make use of a library of free stock images from Unsplash which you can embed on your landing page.

You don’t need to create an Unsplash account to use this stock image app. Unbounce handles the authorization. You can edit (crop, resize, etc.) your stock photos by customizing the image properties in the Smart Builder.

ii). Vimeo media app

You can add videos to your landing pages in Smart Builder using the Vimeo media App. Vimeo is a video marketing platform that provides you with tools to create, host, and share high-quality videos. You can choose between responsive and fixed when modifying the video size in Smart Builder.

iii). Giphy App

A GIF is a great way to enhance your landing page design in Smart Builder. You can add different gifs from Giphy on your landing page in Smart Builder by installing the Giphy App. Giphy is an online library that houses thousands of interactive GIFs.

iv). Pexels App

Pexels is a stock photo and video sharing website to share visuals that can be accessed for free by everyone.

With Smart Builder Apps, you can choose and embed images from Pexels on your landing page.

b). Conversion Optimization Apps

i). Typeform app

Typeform makes it simple to create forms and surveys in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you are conducting research, collecting valuable leads, or seeking feedback from your landing page visitors, the Typeform app in Smart Builder will help you quickly and easily add forms to your landing page and boost your conversions.

ii). Stripe app

Unbounce’s Stripe app will help you run effective sales campaigns and create high-converting, payment-enabled landing pages showcasing your products, services, and subscriptions.

You can also track purchases as conversions into Unbounce Smart Builder using a Stripe product. Navigate to the Stripe section on your landing page in Smart Builder to set up conversion tracking with your Stripe product and toggle the Conversion Tracking button to on.

iii). Jotform app

Create your form with the Jotform app and embed it in your Unbounce Landing page in Smart Builder. Jotform app allows you to do more with Unbounce’s world-class A/B testing landing pages.

With the Jotform app on your Unbounce landing page, you can track conversion rates, collect leads, or even set up payment integrations.

c). Reporting Apps

i). Facebook Pixel App

Facebook Pixel is an extension of Facebook’s Ad Manager. The Facebook Pixel app can track valuable information about visitors’ activity on your landing pages on Smart Builder such as conversions and page views.

You can install the Facebook Pixel tracking to your landing page on Smart Builder with this Unbounce App.

ii). Google Analytics App

The Google Analytics App is a web analytics tool to measure, monitor, and track the performance of your landing pages in Smart Builder.

You can embed the Google Analytics tracking to your landing page on Smart Builder with this Unbounce app.

d). Utility Apps

i). Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is a great way to encourage visitors to complete a conversion action on your landing page in Smart Builder.

You can add a countdown timer to your landing page in Smart Builder using Unbounce Apps. Navigate to the Apps tab, locate the Countdown App and click the plus button to install it.

ii). Shopify app

Shopify powers online stores and point of sale, which can help you incorporate e-commerce with your Unbounce landing pages.

Integrating Shopify Apps with Unbounce is a great way to build up your click-through pages with secure shopping cart features and your preferred payment gateway.

How Can Unbounce Apps Help Your Business?

How Can Unbounce Apps Help Your Business?

With Unbounce’s growing collection of best-in-class Smart Builder apps, you’ll be able to work faster and smarter, and ultimately grow your conversions and return on investments.

And if that is not enough reason to start using Smart Builder, here are a few more ways Unbounce Apps are going to make your day-to-day marketing efforts easier and even more successful:

1. Simply connect the tools you already use and love to your Smart Builder landing page without having to rely on technical or time-consuming workarounds.

2. With the no-code installation and easy authorization, you don’t need to rely on a designer or developer to get a new tool up and running.

3. Save valuable time by leaving the research, competitor comparisons, and demos to Unbounce.

4. Earn more in your business by discovering new apps and tools with high-converting functionality and boosting your conversions.

The mission of Unbounce is to create all kinds of apps for any kind of business. Regardless of the available resources or technical skills of a business owner, Unbounce wants to make sure all small business owners and marketers can succeed in their marketing efforts.

Now is the time to unlock new abilities and endless potential with easy-to-use, no-fuss Unbounce apps that will up your marketing game.

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