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Best Free Website Hosting For Static Websites and Personal Projects

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Written By Ronnie Banks

Finding the best free web hosting plans for personal websites, projects, or just hobbies can be very challenging when you are low on cash.

The best free web hosting plans should be able to give you enough freedom to experiment and be able to push your web apps and websites to production. You should be able to host your static websites and simple web apps for free with the best free web hosting plans online.

Here is a list of some of the best free web hosting plans for building and deploying web pages and web apps at a fast rate without thinking about the cost today.

1. Netlify Free Hosting

Netlify is an open-source content management system for building and hosting websites. Netlify provides a generous free tier for hosting static websites on the platform.

Netlify free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Netlify Free Hosting

Netlify Free Hosting Features

  • Automated build from Git
  • Deploy to the global Edge network
  • Live site preview with collaboration UI for team members
  • Instant rollbacks to any version
  • Deploy static assets & dynamic serverless function
  • Free website hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • No limits on hours
  • Drag and drop source files for deployment

2. Vercel Free Hosting

Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and frontend frameworks, built to integrate with commerce, headless content, or database.

Vercel helps teams work faster and more efficiently by combining the best development practices with a focus on end-user performance. Vercel speeds up the process of creating, testing, and deploying websites by compiling all of the necessary code into a single file. 

For non-commercial sites, Vercel does not charge users anything in exchange for hosting their applications in the cloud. Under the Vercel ‘hobby’ pricing plan, you get to deploy from CLI or personal git integrations.

There are both paid and free plans available with Vercel. For hobbyists, whether or not your web pages or service becomes popular, you will never have to pay anything. 

Vercel free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static web apps.

Vercel Free Hosting

Vercel Free Hosting Features

  • HTTPS enabled 
  • Custom Domains
  • Vercel scales automatically with no server configuration
  • Continuous Deployment with Git
  • High-performance Edge Network
  • Unlimited Websites & APIs
  • Free web hosting for static websites and web applications.
  • Direct integration with GitHub and GitLab

3. AWS Free Hosting

You can build, deploy, host, and manage websites and web apps in the cloud for free by using Amazon Web Services’ free offers.

Amazon Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide non-profits, businesses, and governmental organizations with low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications. 

Whether you are looking to build a personal, marketing, rich-media, or eCommerce website, AWS’s free hosting option will help you get started. AWS free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static web apps and websites.

AWS Free Hosting

AWS Free Hosting Features

  • Most Functionality
  • Most secure
  • The largest community of customers and partners
  • The fastest pace of innovation
  • Free website hosting

4. GitHub Pages Free Hosting

GitHub has a feature called GitHub Pages, which makes it easy for you to create a multi-file website hosted for free at or your own custom domain.

You can use GitHub Pages static websites for your organization, yourself, or your project directly from a repository on

GitHub Pages allows you to serve any static website straight from your GitHub repository. It allows you to host HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and other assets free of charge. Just edit, push, and your changes will go live online.

GitHub Pages free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

GitHub Pages Free Hosting

GitHub Pages Free Hosting Features

  • Blogging with Jekyll
  • Custom URLs
  • Free website hosting
  • Host HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Static website generator

5. Heroku Free Hosting

Student developers can build, deploy, and run web apps for free using a full range of free cloud services available through the Heroku platform and ecosystem.

Heroku free plan will help you learn and get started on the platform. Heroku Buttons, Buildpacks, and many Heroku Add-ons also have a free plan. Heroku free hosting is one of the best free website hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Heroku Free Hosting

Heroku Free Web Hosting Features

  • Code and data rollback
  • GitHub Integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Smart containers
  • Free website hosting
  • Fast web app deployment
  • Choice of language or framework
  • Free services for easy experimentation
  • Simplified DevOps
  • Integrated data services
  • An ecosystem of add-on services

6. Google Firebase Free Web Hosting

Firebase web hosting is provided free of charge, but you are charged for additional features when you exceed the default limits for free users.

Firebase web hosting is an easy way to host your static websites as it provides an SSL certificate so that your website will be hosted securely with HTTPS. Google Firebase free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Google Firebase Free Web Hosting

Google Firebase Web Hosting Features

  • Smart analytics.
  • Infrastructure modernization.
  • Productivity and collaboration.
  • Free website hosting.

7. GitLab Pages hosting

Use GitLab Pages to deploy a static website at no additional cost. Host your website on your own GitLab instance or on for free. You can publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab.

To publish a website with GitLab Pages, you can use any static site generator, like Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Harp, Middleman, Brunch, or Hexo. You can publish any website written directly in plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. GitLab Pages does not support dynamic server-side processing.

GitLab Pages hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

GitLab Pages hosting Features

  • Use for any personal or business website.
  • Create free websites for your projects
  • Free website hosting.
  • Use plain HTML or any Static Site Generator (SSG).
  • Host your website on for free or on your own GitLab instance.
  • Connect your custom domains and TLS certificates.
  • Attribute any license to your content.

8. Surge Free Hosting

Surge is a cloud platform for hosting static websites for free. Surge is extremely simple to use and offers customization options for those who need them.

Surge free hosting is one of the best platforms for hosting static websites for free.

Surge Free Hosting

Surge Free Hosting Features

  • Simple, single-command web publishing.
  • Publish HTML, CSS, and JS for free, without leaving the command line.
  • Free website hosting

9. Azure Static Web Apps Free

You can quickly develop modern full-stack web apps rapidly with a static front-end and dynamic back-end powered by serverless APIs with Azure Static Web Apps.

The Free plan of Azure Static Web Apps is one of the top free web hostings suitable for hobbies and personal projects.

Features of Azure Static Web Apps

  • Free web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Custom domain to provide branded customisations to your app. 
  • Using Azure Functions you can add highly scalable serverless APIs to your app with 1 million free executions.

10. Canva Website hosting

Host your website for free at Easily create, publish, and host Canva websites to get search-friendly domains, password protection, and full responsiveness across devices.

Create one-page websites like bio link websites, event pages, landing pages, newsletters, and portfolios with Canva. You can add photos, videos, texts, graphics, charts, and embeds to your Canva websites.

On the free domain, Canva Free users can publish five (5) websites, and Canva Pro users can publish unlimited websites.

Canva website hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Canva Website hosting

Canva static website hosting features

  • Free website hosting
  • Create and publish static websites
  • Full responsiveness across devices
  • SEO-friendly website domain
  • Password protect website to restrict visits
  • Host custom domains

What is the best free web hosting site?

Here are some of the best free website hosting sites for hosting static websites, personal websites and web apps in no particular order:

  • Netlify free hosting
  • Vercel free hosting
  • AWS free hosting
  • GitHub pages free hosting
  • Heroku free hosting
  • Google Firebase free hosting
  • GitLab Pages hosting
  • Surge free hosting
  • Azure static web apps free hosting
  • Canva free static website hosting

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