How To Build a Successful SaaS Marketing Strategy?

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Building a successful SaaS marketing strategy will transform your business.

“Customers won’t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way.” – Peter Thiel 

From using technologies like Siri and Alexa for completing simple tasks to using various big ERP software in managing complex business processes, the contemporary world is becoming tech-savvy. In fact, humans’ dependence on technology is the only reason the SaaS industry is rapidly growing at an unprecedented pace. 

To define, SaaS stands for software as a service that refers to a process of delivering multiple personal or professional assistance providing applications over the internet.

If we look at the statistics, the market size of the SaaS industry is expected to reach USD 716.52 billion in 2028 with a growth of a CAGR of 27.5 per cent by the end of 2028. However, if you are also a SaaS business owner, you might also agree with the fact that in such highly competitive markets of software, standing out from the crowd is not an easy task.  

To successfully emerge as an authoritative SaaS enterprise, you need to effectively grab the attention of your target audience. And it is an undeniable fact that in the contemporary world, a foolproof marketing plan is the only key to business success. 

To elaborate, an effective SaaS marketing strategy will assist in enhancing your online presence and brand awareness which will ultimately benefit the growth of your SaaS business. If you are also looking for some actionable tactics to build a successful SaaS marketing strategy then this blog is for you.

This blog will effectively highlight the top marketing tactics that will assist in boosting the growth of your SaaS business. So let us dive right into the blog without further ado.

Leverage the perk of email marketing

1. Leverage the perk of email marketing

With the popularization of social media as a marketing medium, people presumed that email marketing is dead but in reality, email marketing is far from dead. In fact, the return on investment in email marketing is one of the highest among all the marketing mediums.

To validate, the statistics generated by Hubspot state that the ROI of email marketing is 4200 per cent which implies that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you are likely to earn $42 in return. Do you still think email marketing is dead? 

ROI is just one benefit that email marketing will bring to your SaaS business, there are many benefits of email marketing that can assist in enhancing the growth of your business.

For instance, as in Saas business, you are not offering your client something tangible, they need strong retention of your brand in order to build a strong connection. This is where email marketing can effectively assist you. The biggest perk of email marketing is that by using effective email marketing you can directly land into the inboxes of your target customers. 

This can effectively assist you in building a persona to connect with your target audience. To enhance the impact of your email marketing, you can use various tools to generate automated behaviour-triggered emails that can assist in automatically sending the next emails to your clients based on their last interaction with your brand. 

For example, if customers just signed up for your newsletter. Your email marketing tool will automatically send them the emails of your latest catalogues showing your key features. This way you can build your connection with the target audience and market your product more effectively.

The more connected your audience will be connected with you, the more they will be inclined to subscribe to your SaaS software. 

2. Optimize your website 

The first and most important thing customers do whenever they discover your brand is to find your website to see the key features of your SaaS software.

However, if your website is not well optimized or does not have good authority over the internet, the clients will lose interest as soon as they will land on your low DA site. This is the reason why it is essential for you to optimize your website for a great first impression on your customers. 

To optimize your website, given below are some strategies that can assist you in enhancing the authority of your business. 

i). Relevant content

We all know that content marketing is at the heart of search engine optimization. This is the reason the most crucial step in enhancing the authority of your website is to post relevant and authoritative content on your website. 

For example, if you are a SaaS software company, then content related to software, its implementation, and comparison with other software would be the most appropriate form of content that would assist in engaging your target audience.

However, you need to make sure that your content is very well keyword optimized to rank better on the search engines. 

ii). Get backlinks

In order to make your website authoritative, you need to prove to Google that your site is reliable and trustworthy.

This happens when other websites cite your link on their web pages. This is also called off-page SEO. The more backlinks your website manages to get, the more authority it will have on Google.

iii). Leverage Metadata

You very well know that when every website is built, all the content is coded in the form of metadata. However, businesses often forget to update the metadata after the addition of new features on the website. This can affect your website’s ranking negatively.

Hence, it is really essential to keep the self-improvement mode of your website on and review your metadata after frequent intervals to keep your website well optimized.

Optimize your website

3. Create Loyalty Programs 

As discussed above, the SaaS industry is a highly competitive market and this is the reason attracting and retaining customers is one of the most difficult tasks. As  Doug Warner correctly quoted, “In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” 

It is important to remember that you need to offer something extra other than your service to hook your customers to your business. This is where a loyalty program enters the picture and successfully serves the purpose of hooking your target audience.

You can often have ample benefits in loyalty programs. Some of the effective examples are mentioned below:

  • Free trial period.
  • Customized rewards for premium subscriptions.
  • Referral bonus.

The introduction of a loyalty program will assist in hooking your existing customers. Moreover, if you successfully emerge as software that offers its client more benefits than its service, it will assist in attracting more and more new customers to your business.

This will effectively accomplish the ultimate mission of your marketing strategy by maintaining your customer relations. You can also take assistance from various CRM software features to execute the plan successfully. 

4. Embrace personalization 

We all are aware of the wide popularity and potential benefits of the trend of personalization. That is the reason whenever we talk about marketing strategy, personalization of almost everything is one of the must-have marketing strategies of every business. 

Personalization in the SaaS solution varies from the personalization of the content to the personalization of the features in the software. Both personalizations are important in building a successful marketing strategy. For example,  personalization of the content before your audience becomes your customer is important to attract the potential lead and convert them into a customer. 

Moreover, the personalization of the features after the audiences turn into your customers will assist you in retaining them. Furthermore, if the tactics of personalization implement well, it can assist in getting referrals from your existing audience which can attract more and more customers to your business.

Moreover, we all know that the major goal of marketing strategy is to build a positive image of the brand in the minds of its target audience. That being the case, effective utilization of personalization can assist in changing the perception of your brand in the minds of its target audience.

To validate, a survey revealed that 87 per cent of consumers state that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

5. Use Video Marketing to Give Demo 

It is no hidden fact that video marketing is becoming the king of the marketing world at a rapid pace. This is the reason why every business needs to include video marketing in their marketing strategy in order to build a successful brand. 

Moreover, if we talk about SaaS businesses, the software can be utilized in any corner of the world and video marketing is the best medium to deliver your message effectively. You can effectively use the 7Cs of communication to deliver your message to your target audience. You can use video marketing for multiple purposes such as:

  • Give an introduction of your software to your target audience.
  • Providing testimonials of your existing customers.
  • Give up clear How-to tutorials of your software.
  • Offering various features, implementation, and benefits of the software. 

Furthermore, to make this tactic of video marketing more effective, you can take this marketing strategy to the next level and perform it all live. Live demonstrations of your software will ensure that your message is effectively delivered.

Moreover, in live demonstrations, you can also clear up all the queries and confusion your audiences have related to your service or business.

5 Sure Tactics for Successful SaaS Marketing Strategy

5 Sure Tactics for Successful SaaS Marketing Strategy

Here are some powerful tactics for a successful SaaS marketing strategy:

  • Leverage the perk of email marketing.
  • Optimize your website.
  • Create loyalty programs.
  • Embrace personalization.
  • Use video marketing to give a demo.

To encapsulate, the SaaS industry is transforming at a rapid pace and the need is to effectively create a marketing strategy in order to gain a competitive advantage over all other competitors.

Moreover, the above-given statistics will assist in building a strong marketing strategy for your SaaS business and will assist in skyrocketing the growth of your business to the next level.

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