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Top 5 Features to Look For While Choosing a CRM Software

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Written By Kiara Miller

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your responsibility to make sure that they do not forget you” Patricia Fripp 

It is an undeniable fact that consumers are the vital spark that keeps your business ignited. Moreover, keeping customers happy and satisfied has been one of the key responsibilities of every business owner. Fostering good customer relationships not only retains existing customers but also helps in acquiring new ones.

A big thanks to technological advancements today, inventions of tremendous software have been made that can effectively assist in customer relationship management. CRM system assists you in maintaining healthy customer relationships by providing them with a seamless experience with your business. Along with this, it also assists in reducing the spending cost of business by taking care of multiple tasks themselves.  

However, now the question arises that there are thousands of CRM software in the market available today, how can you choose the best CRM tools from so many options available? 

One of the best approaches that can be utilized while choosing the right CRM system can be looking for the right features in your available options. But again what exactly are the key features every business owner should look for while purchasing CRM software. 

If you also have similar questions in mind, then no worries, we got you covered. This blog will effectively highlight the key features that will make your CRM system most effective and efficient.

Top 5 Features to Look For While Choosing a CRM Software

1. Effective Storage of Client Profiles 

How are you expecting to maintain relationships with customers when you do not know the preferences of your customers or you do not have the previous client data? This question highlights the most crucial need of every CRM system that makes it the best and most efficient. 

While purchasing the CRM software, you should make sure that your software has the capacity of storing large client profiles that can later be used in getting strong insights about clients’ preferences and buying patterns. 

To elaborate, collecting all the information on the clients’ purchasing patterns in a single space can assist in analyzing in a lesser time. Furthermore, this will assist in analyzing the growth of your company. 

2. CRM software to auto-generate easy-to-edit email templates

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet one of the most efficient marketing methods in the business world. Many businesses are using email marketing to keep their target audience updated.

However, dealing with so many emails in a day can be a tough task for your sales representatives, and responding late to the customers can never be good for your relationship with customers. 

This is where a good CRM system like Streak CRM for Gmail can solve the problem. Opting for a CRM tool that can generate your email templates well can assist your sales representatives in responding to the customers’ queries quickly and efficiently. This will save up the time of your sales team in responding and writing to each email individually. This will also assist in keeping your customer satisfied by solving their queries as quickly as possible. 

An effective CRM software will also give you in-depth insights into the various key performance indicators of email marketing such as click-through rate and bounce rate. This will assist you in keeping the track of the efficiency of your email marketing and can also highlight the areas for improvement.

3. Productive automation of tasks

One of the major advantages of automation that businesses enjoy is that it frees them up from tasks that do not require human intelligence. That time is often used by teams in doing something more productive and significant. 

Therefore, you should always focus on the features of workforce automation while choosing the best CRM tools. The efficiency of the automation feature in the CRM software can free up a lot of time for your team by getting rid of many repetitive tasks.

Automation in the CRM system can help you in the following tasks:

  • Can schedule your emails.
  • Can automatically respond to messages on your social media handles.
  • Can personalize your messages for customers based on your previous interactions.
  • Can monitor online behaviour and assist in making efficient decisions.  

Hence, choosing a CRM software with an automation efficiency will be the best choice because it will not only save your time but also save up the cost spent by you on performing the repetitive tasks.

CRM System: 5 Great Features When Choosing A CRM Software

4. Efficiently tracking sales 

As Peter Drucker correctly quoted, “you can not manage what you can not measure”.  Every business currently running in the corporate world is operating with the main objective of earning maximum profits. You as a business owner might also relate to the fact that in order to magnify your profits, it is essential to keep a track of your sales. 

With so many operational processes running at a time, it often gets difficult for businesses to keep a track of their sales. That being the case, this is where the role of the CRM system comes into the picture.

Effective CRM tools can track the sales of your business and can tell you the exact number of products or services purchased by each customer. This can assist you in analyzing the efficiency of your sales team along with highlighting the key areas that are negatively affecting the sales of your business. 

A CRM system can also help in forecasting sales demands which can help you in detecting which of your product or service are expected to sell effectively in the future. This will not only help you track your sales but will also help in taking effective decisions regarding the restocking of your warehouses. 

Therefore, while choosing the best CRM software, it is essential for you to choose the software with the effective feature of tracking sales. This will help you in saving uptime and monitoring your sales to make efficient future decisions. 

5. Cloud-based accessibility of the CRM tool

We understand that being a business owner in the contemporary world is not a piece of cake. You may have to make any major decisions or perform multiple tasks by being at multiple places. However, how will you take an effective decision or perform a task when you do not have access to your data anytime anywhere? 

This highlights the last but not the least feature that should be included in the effective CRM software which is the availability of the cloud-based accessibility of the software. 

When you will be able to access your data analytics anytime anywhere, you can take major decisions based on the data available which can assist you in continuing the seamless operations of your business. 

This flexibility offered by a cloud-based CRM system can assist you in making efficient decisions which can further assist in enhancing the growth of your business.

Cloud-based accessibility of the CRM tool

Summary: Key Features To Look For When Choosing a CRM System

To encapsulate, taking care of your customers has been one of the major needs of every business and multiple CRM tools have made it easier for businesses to enhance their efficiency.

Moreover, with so many options available in the market, it is essential to keep the right CRM tools with the above-given features to optimize its utilization at the best.  

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