A Quick Insight Into Online Rental Marketplace Platforms and Impact in 2023

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Written By Dhivyameena

Well, it is getting hot in the online marketplace. The number of people using online is increasing day by day. According to recent research, 85 per cent of Americans use the online platform daily. 

The reason for online business growth is the development of the digital world. This digital growth results in people preferring online over traditional. 

Younger generations are increasingly concerned with the environment and carbon impact while seeking methods to save money. Renting and the sharing economy are the best solutions in this scenario for getting excellent quality at a low cost. 

As a result, almost 70 per cent of millennials and Generation Z respondents choose to rent rather than own. Are you an entrepreneur with a rental marketplace business idea or one who wishes to start an online business? This insight is especially for you.

What Is A Rental Marketplace?

In this blog, you’ll find the solution to the questions you might have asked inside you. So, now you are interested in starting an online marketplace, but before that, the first question you have is:

What Is A Rental Marketplace?

A rental marketplace is an online marketplace where users may rent various properties from one another or via the platform itself.

The rental business has two types:

i). Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Rental Platforms

A Peer-To-Peer is a two-sided marketplace where the individual can rent their properties or products to potential customers. This platform acts as a mediator. 

Users who own property get an additional income, other users (renters or tenants) can rent this property and save money, and the platform earns a commission for connecting the two.

ii). Business-To-Customer (B2C) Rental Platform

The Business-To-Customer is an online marketplace where business owners can rent their property to customers directly. This platform works similarly to rental platforms like Airbnb, Turo, YoRent, etc. 

Now, you know about the rental business. Let me guess your second question,

Why Do You Need To Choose An Online Marketplace For Rental Businesses?

What is the impact of the rental platform?

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to have more and more customers for their business. To reach more audiences for your business, you need to be visible to them. Digital platforms help you to achieve them. 

1. Switch Business

With the SaaS marketplace platform, you can easily switch from one business to another. For instance, if you start an equipment rental marketplace business but don’t get the expected success, you can change it to another business with a SaaS platform.

Since it works on a subscription model you can either switch to another or you can drop off the business without a huge loss.

2. Options to Select the Best Features

To be a successful marketplace owner you need the best features. Building a marketplace with the best and most unique features takes more time and cost. But with the SaaS platform, you can select the features from the various platform vendors that satisfy your business needs.

3. Benefits for Platform Owner

As an intermediary, a business creates a marketplace that connects Owners and Renters.

The online marketplace owner employs one or more monetization strategies to achieve profit. For example, by setting a service fee, a marketplace owner charges for granting users access to the platform.

4. Benefits for Vendor

This solution allows vendors to begin renting without investing in website or application development, which is significant for startups and SMEs. As a result, compared to alternative possibilities, the costs of starting a firm are much lower.

An online rental marketplace helps you to:

  • Use the best-suited channel to rent the property or products.
  • Reach more audiences globally which increases sales.
  • Lowering the cost of marketing and operation.
  • Receive additional sources of income.

The rental business has an immense impact on revenue. Have a look at these statistics reports from Statista:

  • The vacation rentals market expects to generate US$82.78 billion in revenue by 2022.
  • By 2026, the market volume is predicted to reach US$105.70 billion, with revenue forecast to expand at a 6.30 per cent annual rate (CAGR 2022-2026).
  • 78.3m users are expected to use the car rentals segment by 2026.
  • By 2026, the equipment rental market will reach 59.5 billion U.S. dollars.

By now, you know the benefits of the rental marketplace. Let’s say you finally decided to start a rental business, but how? I know this might be your next question.

How Do I Start My Online Rental Marketplace?

How Do I Start My Online Rental Marketplace?

  • Scratch-based App
  • Readymade Script
  • SaaS Platform

1. Scratch-based Rental Software

The Scratch-based Rental App is where the online rental software builds from scratch. It has its own web and mobile application for rental software and involves a business idea, model, and design.

2. Readymade Rental Script

The Readymade Rental Script Models get inspiration from already successful products, producing rental software that incorporates many features and capabilities with enhanced features.

3. Rental SaaS Platform

The rental SaaS platform(ready-to-go template) has the pre-build templates that best suit the rental business. You can select from the pre-designed template. 

I suggest you choose the SaaS rental software because you can save time and cost. It takes much time and cost to build from scratch. Additionally when you create a marketplace from a readymade rental script it also requires time and cost to customize.

Also, even if you are a non-tech person you can build a marketplace with a SaaS platform because it is a no-code marketplace and it has many other benefits you’ll see further in the blog.

What Is Saas Rental Marketplace?

SaaS rental marketplace where individuals can rent the platform for their business needs and start their own rental software. It is a pre-designed SaaS rental software.

SaaS rental software will provide various functionality, from basic listing to payment transactions. The ready-to-go platform will have all the key and advanced features.

You may still have doubts about SaaS. Once you know why I am suggesting a SaaS platform for rental software, you’ll surely prefer SaaS over others.

Why Is The Saas Platform The Best For Rental Business?

Why Is The Saas Platform The Best For Rental Business?

  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Focus on managing the business, not the technology
  • Marketplace SaaS maintenance and compatibility

1. Quicker Time-to-Market

SaaS solutions benefit marketplace firms by saving time in addition to lowering the total cost of the market. This is true since open-source deployment is far more complicated than SaaS deployment.

In truth, SaaS can be boiled down to the marketplace owner choosing the best platform, establishing a payment mechanism with the selected provider, and giving staff access to the account user information. The supplier then takes care of infrastructure and maintenance.

Good marketplace SaaS providers offer high-level technical help and direction around-the-clock from professionals that have worked on many projects and are familiar with a variety of solutions to issues that may emerge during the setup time.

SaaS markets don’t need a lengthy design or setup phase as a consequence. In contrast to the months, it generally takes to create a platform from scratch using open source, this is vital for new enterprises wanting to be first in a particular industry.

2. Focus on managing the business, not the technology

Marketplace entrepreneurs may pool their resources and concentrate on other areas of the business because the SaaS provider will handle the infrastructure-related time and expense. 

The marketplace team may thus devote all of its attention to developing and perfecting the revenue model, making creative choices, and fostering brand expansion.

Additionally, more time may be devoted to enhancing marketing and communication activities, setting up supply operations with suppliers, and launching client acquisition marketing campaigns.

Marketplace owners may concentrate on their businesses and make the most of their resources by using marketplace SaaS solutions, which come with a predetermined, transparent, and reasonably priced pricing structure, without having to worry about infrastructure.

It is not the case in the Scratch-based Rental Software. You need to focus on the technology so you can bring the best output. It requires a lot of time and cost. In the end, you’ll have a limited time to focus on marketing and communication.

3. Marketplace SaaS Maintenance and Compatibility

For a successful long-term business, the business software, and its license should be tracked and renewed over time. A business operation and customer experience require various tools for technology innovation and business success.

So those operations may continue, and every tool is compatible with one another. Additionally, the SaaS providers offer upgrades and upkeep for the cloud-based services themselves.

You can create SaaS rental software from scratch. Why waste time and cost when you have a ready-made solution?

Why Do I Need To Choose A Ready-To-Go SaaS Platform?

You need to choose a ready to go saas platform because of cost and time.


  • SaaS can result in significant savings for a variety of factors. SaaS apps can be readily downloaded and maintained without spending more money on hardware installations.
  • Pay-as-you-go business models also let companies spend less on unnecessary licenses and only pay for what they utilize. SaaS can be advantageous for small enterprises. Additionally, the subscription-based approach avoids the enormous financial risk associated with pricey software.


  • The adage “time equals money” is frequently used, and SaaS can save both. Installation for many SaaS programs only requires a working internet connection and a login. Additionally, the vendor takes over your IT department’s maintenance obligations.
  • It prevents the need for additional labour hours and downtime that would be associated with upgrading traditional software. SaaS programs also often have a lower learning curve, which results in rapid adoption among your staff.

For example, QoreUps, a SaaS marketplace builder offers a platform at a starting price of less than $50 and you can launch it instantly with just a few clicks.

How To Choose The Best Saas Rental Marketplace Vendor?

These are the reasons why you need to choose the Ready-to-go SaaS platform. I hope now you have chosen the SaaS Platform. Okay, let me guess, your following query is:

How To Choose The Best Saas Rental Marketplace Vendor?

When you opt Ready-to-go SaaS Rental Platform, choosing the right SaaS vendor is vital because SaaS can change your business upside down. 

There are many things you need to consider in choosing a SaaS Vendor. Here are some vital things you should consider before selecting. 

1. SaaS industry’s compliance 

By only adding logos or one-liners to their websites, major SaaS suppliers claim that their platforms comply with the majority of rules, laws, and regulations.

If the SaaS vendor is telling the truth, it is critical to confirm it. To ensure this, check their Policy and Terms and Services. 

2. Zero Downturn 

It is one of the most crucial factors businesses should consider when subscribing to SaaS. If an organization’s essential assets are running on a SaaS platform, any SaaS application outage might negatively impact company operations and potentially result in revenue loss.

SaaS vendors frequently mention Zero Downturn assurances in SLAs. Additionally, it is usually a good idea to peruse past instances of downtime for the chosen SaaS product or conduct historical checks.

3. Data Security

SaaS suppliers have frequently failed to address data security and configuration issues in SaaS, leading to application compromise and significant data breaches.

Any SaaS provider will assure you that your data will be kept secure at all times, but always enquire about the application’s state and cloud infrastructure’s data security posture. 

4. Response Times and Support Availability Requirements

The term “response times” refers to the amount of time a provider or customer has to respond to and fix a service delivery issue.

Clients should prioritize particular support issues when defining necessary response times and establish the window of time within which customer care concerns should be addressed and resolved.

Some such support needs may be: 

  • 24/7 helpdesk and service desk access
  • Call help with priority
  • Email support
  • Support through live chat

Inquire about their incident response strategy for potential data breaches. Consider the mentioned things and choose the best SaaS rental marketplace provider.

Which Is The Profitable Rental Business Model?

I would say the best business model for SaaS is the “SaaS Subscription Model“. 

A SaaS subscription is a way to start online software services that make payments regularly, typically monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Several crucial elements are present in this definition:

  • Instead of being locally housed, purchase the software as a service supplied and hosted online.
  • Payments are provided regularly rather than all at once.

According to the Term subscription model, a customer or business signs an electronic contract to commit to a subscription for a specific time. SaaS Subscription models come in a variety of popular forms, including:

  • Freemium Subscriptions
  • Tiered Pricing Subscriptions

So, your next question may be about the revenue from this business model.

How Can I Get More Revenue On The Rental Marketplace Platform?

How Can I Get More Revenue On The Rental Marketplace Platform?

With the SaaS Subscription business model, you can generate revenue by the following,

  • Listing Fee
  • Service Fee

Listing Fee

A listing fee is from the land or property owner for posting their asset. Every time the owner posts a listing, they must pay the listing fee to the platform owner.

Service Fee

The service fee is from the land or property owner and renter for booking the asset on the platform. Every time the owner and renter complete the booking, they must pay a service fee as a commission for using your platform as a mediator.

You’ll generate more revenue when there are more customers for your online rental marketplace. Now you may be ready with your rental business, but how can you stand out from the competition?

How Can I Differ From My Competitors?

To stand out from the competition, you need to be unique. As the saying goes: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” ~ Michael LeBoeuf.

To satisfy the audience, understand the pain point of the customer, and provide the best solution for them. Select the SaaS marketplace vendor with a unique feature that helps you and your audience feel different from other rental business platforms.

My Final Sayings

Hurray! I hope that I have answered all your inner questions. Starting a rental marketplace business is good, but building it with SaaS is better.

Every successful entrepreneur needs the best team to support them. So, choose the best team who has excelled in the SaaS rental marketplace.

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