Time Doctor Review: Smart Employee Time Tracking Tool for HR

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Written By Bolanle Rejoice Ibitoye

Are you an employer looking for a smart employee time tracking tool? Then, this Time Doctor review is for you.

Time is a valuable asset shared equally amongst us all— we all have 24 hours per day regardless of gender, social class, or age. While this might seem like a blessing to all, in reality only a few maximize this asset called time.

While what everyone does with their time isn’t anyone’s business, as a business owner with paychecks to be paid when due, time and how it is been used are very important to you.

In business, it is believed that time is equal to money. Time doesn’t necessarily bring money to businesses, it is the productive use of time that equals money. Amid unending distractions and notifications, how then do you make use of time productively? How do you get the workforce to value time and make it work for the business goals to be achieved?

With businesses becoming more competitive than ever, companies must manage time better to gain an advantage. The more work they do in the shortest amount of time, the faster they can increase profits. One way to boost productivity and invariably, profitability, is to track how time is being used day after day.

Wondering how much time is spent and exactly what employees do while sitting at their desks? Whether they are utilising their time well, and maybe how to improve the workflow to increase efficiency. This is where time tracking software like the Time Doctor desktop app comes in handy.

What is Time Doctor Desktop App?

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a cloud-hosted time tracking tool. It is a useful tool that can be used to stay in the loop of your employees’ activities, particularly those who work remotely.

It enables accurate track of work time by taking regular screen captures on your workers’ screens. This is then used to determine what sites and apps they are visiting or using.

Time Doctor desktop app has wonderful features that can help you resolve weak points in employees’ time management and overall productivity by offering a thorough analysis of how work is being done. This can also determine how much they are paid for the work done.

Time Doctor is a great time tracking tool for HR, no doubt. But you might have doubts about its features, functionalities, and how it will meet your business needs effectively. We’ve prepared this informative review of Time Doctor: features, benefits, pros and cons, and many more.

Features of Time Doctor Desktop App

Time Doctor app increases overall productivity by monitoring computer usage and how much work is been done.

Although, it doesn’t monitor anything on your computer when the time tracker is off. It will only track your activity when you select a task and track time for it. That said, here are its valuable features.

i). Time and task tracking

Tracking clients’ or employees’ time just got easier with Time Doctor. It tracks the total time spent on different tasks while allowing team members to easily specify break time.

The task is tracked after a team member creates a list of works to be done per time and selects the order in which they are to be completed. Time Doctor shows accurately how much time was spent on each task, the duration of breaks, and the frequency of such, and gives an accurate report of the total time worked for the day.

ii). Website and app monitoring

Time Doctor app keeps a tab on every application opened and website visited during the entire tracking time. It creates a report of the activities done therein and time spent doing such.

These reports are used for the evaluation of staff productivity, and individual members can evaluate their habits for improvement where needed.

iii). Screenshot capture and recording

This time tracking tool enables the taking of screenshots and can be turned on by managers to track employees’ time usage.

Although many team members find this feature unnecessary, it assures managers that their team members are working. Especially with a member who has been wanting in getting work done on time.

These screenshots are taken at 3minutes intervals by default (it can be changed), and the pictures are saved in a folder that can be found on the Time Doctor web dashboard.

iv). GPS tracking

Whether a major of your staff works remotely or you work frequently with freelancers, the Time Doctor app helps to track all the necessary data needed to assure you that the work is being done. One of such is GPS tracking.

v). Online Timesheets & Payroll

This feature help managers review and approve timesheet without the need to go back and forth verifying who worked and for how long.

Employees are easily paid for the hours worked or any other payment agreement. This feature ensures clients are paid at the right time(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc), and funds are released seamlessly. It supports payment in different currencies and payment methods(Payoneer, PayPal, etc).

vi). Keyboard and Mouse Activity

Time Doctor desktop app keeps a tab on mouse movements, keystrokes, and clicks. During a period of inactivity, especially having exceeded the allocated time for inactivity, a popup message is received by such team members inquiring if they are still working. If no response is given, the employee is put on a break.

vii). Distraction Alerts

Similar to the alert described above, Time Doctor gives a “distraction alert” pop-up whenever a worker is getting distracted by excessive scrolling on YouTube and Facebook, for example. This reminder might get the team member to get back to work and focus on the important things.

viii). Offline Time Tracking

Time Doctor app does not only track your team’s work hours when online, it keeps track of work progress when offline too. All work progress is being monitored and recorded and is updated on the dashboard when you get back online.

ix). Customization Options

The feature gives administrators and managers the flexibility to turn on/off features that are not relevant to the company’s workflow.

Since each business is unique, there are ranges of options available for each to pick from or ignore. Such as the screenshot feature and report preference.

x). Integrations and API

Time Doctor Integrations and API

Irrespective of the software used in running your business, Time Doctor allows for Integration with many of such. Thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Time Doctor can sync with leading project management and accounting tools, including Jira, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp, Slack, Salesforce, Teamwork, QuickBooks, and more.

Time Doctor’s API (application programming interface) allows your software application to interact directly with Time Doctor. This gives you the freedom to manipulate the data from your Time Doctor account in almost any way you want.

xi). Compatible with all devices

Whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or Chrome operating systems, the Time Doctor app works perfectly well for every device and keeps the workforce focused on the work to be done. The mobile app comes with equal time-tracking capacity on both android and iOS.

xii). Project Management & Budgeting

Tasks can be created, assigned and progress reviewed at the tap of the phone. it aligns projects and budgets for maximum efficiency. The reports generated can be used to improve efficiency and budget allocation.

xiii). Client Login Access

This feature allows clients to monitor the progress of the job being done for them. With no extra cost, give clients white-label access to your account.

This helps to build clients’ trust and increase your brand reputation. It also allows for privacy, whereby clients have access to their work progress and nobody else’s.

xiv). Easy Setup and Support

Whether for a team or individual, Time Doctor is easy to set up within a few minutes as long as there’s an internet connection.

Each invited user is sent a mail on how to get started. And when there is a hiccup, Time Doctor provides training videos on how to set up your account or get access to customer service for further help.

xv). Private and Secure

Time Doctor ensures that privacy and high security are upheld. All information captured is encrypted and will not track activities outside of the tracking time.

Time Doctor Review: Pros

Beyond the awesome features described above, the Time Doctor desktop app has much more to offer to your business that will enhance efficiency and improve productivity.

i). Allows Efficient Team Management

Managers and business owners can get more work done within a period when a time tracker is used.

This tool helps to identify the members of staff who spend more time perfecting their work, are easily distracted, or have more work than they can handle. With such information, a better decision can be made in task allocation and deadlines.

ii). Prevents Burnout

As stated above, time tracking helps to determine if workloads are unevenly distributed.

Weekly reports generated by the Time Doctor app can help to decide how work can be distributed to prevent burnout and working overtime if it shows a pattern of regular overtime by a particular team member(s) or deadlines that are never met.

iii). Manage Time

When employees log their time, they are more vigilant about how they spend their time. This way, they can maximize their work hours and how much work is done. It can also help the management evaluate the team members who need to up-skill or re-skill.

iv). Increases Focus

Multitasking wastes time and the ability to concentrate. But with the Time Doctor desktop app, employees tend to focus on the task at hand and get it done faster.

v). Ensures Accountability

Time doctor ensures that there’s transparency in the workforce and every member is accountable for the project assigned to them.

Managers can easily determine which employee completed a specific task, when, and the duration of time taken to get it done. This eliminates procrastination and delayed submission.

vi). Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data gathered from the reports Time Doctor generated can be used to make an informed decision on various aspects of the business.

This decision could include reshuffling the tasks, automation of repetitive tasks, allocating tasks based on an employee’s favourite time to work, and many more.

vii). Reduces Project Costs

The weekly generated reports can give a clear picture of how long a project lifecycle can be. This helps to budget better and allocate resources efficiently.

Also, the integrated payroll and time tracker can determine each member’s fee and billable hours. This will prevent payment for hours used on unrelated tasks.

Time Doctor Review: Cons

While Time Doctor is a great tool for effective time management and tracking, users and industry experts have found it wanting in the following areas, and improvement is advised.

i). Frequent failures of timer

Many users complain of frequent pauses by the timer and its inability to sync time accurately when switching between multiple computers at the same time. This leads to the loss of billable hours on the employee’s part.

ii). Frequency of reminders and pop-ups

Few employees and users have come forward to say that these notifications were annoying and impacted their moods while working. This mood swing can have a great impact on the business’s overall productivity.

iii). Outdated UI interface

The UI/UX design of this software is a little bit outdated and hard to use. It feels bulky while navigating the app. Also, the chat icon in the lower-right corner covers up some of the data when viewing the dashboard.

iv). Keyboard and mouse tracking

Many times, mental discussions are needed before a final decision can be made or progress. This requires staring at your screen while at it but the mouse/keyboard are inactive, Time Doctor tends to assume you took a break or left your work undone.

v). Subscription payment methods

Users found it hard to delete old billing cards when new ones were added.

Away from the few improvements needed here and there. Wondering what the pricing plans are and how you can jump on them? Wonder no more.

Time Doctor Pricing Plans

Time Doctor Review: Pricing Plans

i). Free plan

14 days of access to full features, afterward, only access to the desktop dashboard is allowed.

ii). Basic

$7 per month (1 user). It comes with these features:

  • Time tracking
  • Tasks and projects
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • Activity tracking
  • 3-day support
  • 1 group/department
  • 1-month data storage

iii). Standard

$10 per month (1 user). It comes with the following features:

  • Time tracking
  • Tasks and projects
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • Activity tracking
  • Track apps and URLs
  • Payroll
  • 65+ integrations
  • 24-hour support
  • Up to 3 groups/departments
  • 6 months of data storage

iv). Premium

$20 per month(1 user). It comes with these features:

  • Time tracking
  • Tasks and projects
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • Activity tracking
  • Track apps and URLs
  • Payroll
  • 65+ integrations
  • Client login access
  • VIP support
  • Concierge account setup
  • Video screen captures
  • 24-hour support
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited data storage

v). Get Two Months’ Free Subscription

This is available for upfront payment for ten months service subscription. If you are looking for software that will boost business productivity through proper time management and enables adequate concentration at work, Time Doctor offers just that.

Time Doctor is a robust time tracking and employee management software that can help you ensure maximum productivity levels from your team. Its ability to identify roadblocks and give accurate reports helps managers make data-driven decisions which will ensure that each team member is as productive as possible.

Start a free trial of the Time Doctor time tracking tool for HR today!

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